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TH391 - Acting a Song
Acting a Song is a workshop class aimed at beginning actors or others who have an interest in musical theater and performance. Musical theater is often first point of contact for students of theater, yet high school theater settings often do not allow the time needed to explore the process of performing a song effectively. Using songs from the American Musical Theater cannon the course seeks to reinforce lessons learned in Improv and Scene Study. Each student will memorize and perform two solo songs and one duet. Students will work with a live accompanist in class and will be required to bring to class a recording device that will allow them to record piano parts to the songs they are working on so that rehearsal away from class is possible. Prerequisite: TH150 or TH241 or permission of the instructor

Prerequisites TH150 / Lecture <min credit = 4.00> or TH241 / Lecture <min credit = 4.00>
Corequisites N/A
Fees N/A
Credits 4.00
Credit Types Undergraduate credit

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